General Manager

  1. To liaise constantly with the client, to resolve / clarify any security matters.
  2. To Plan & manage the day to day overall operation, training, sales & marketing of 911 SECURITY SERVICES personnel to ensure that standards are well maintained.


Aims & Objectives

  1. Coordinating and responding, as necessary, to daily activity reports maintained by the Operation Assistant Managers, Supervisors and Security Guard on duty.
  2. Constant assessment of 911 SECURITY SERVICES operation personnel, to ensure that the quality service of Security Guards is maintained. Disciplinary procedures, replacement personnel in conjunction with the assistance provided with a guideline of the General Manager.
  3. After consultation with the client, produce a document known as an Operational Order which will outline in great detail, the responsibilities of the Security Guards while on duty at your premises. A copy of this document will be forwarded for your approval.
  4. Checking the copies of the Static Guards Reports when they are submitted from the Supervisors, to ensure that they are correctly completed, advising Security Guards where required and reporting to the General Manager if appertaining to the client.
  5. Assure that the Company Standard of Basic Trainings have been met before the deployment of any Security Guards of 911 SECURITY SERVICES.


Training Manager

  1. Provide basic security Training to all 911 SECURITY SERVICES Security Guards.
  2. Issue the official certificate of training to Security Guards on behalf of 911 SECURITY SERVICES.
  3. Provide Continuous Security Training (fire fighting, fire evacuation, emergency procedures and basic first Aid) to all Security Guards on sites.
  4. Conducting site security survey
  5. Provide Security Training to all 911 SECURITY SERVICES Clients as required and Requested by 911 SECURITY SERVICES Managements.
  6. Prepare and or participate in preparing the Official 911 SECURITY SERVICES Basic Training Manual.
  7. To create and operate computerized personnel system, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data and that the system is regularly backed-up.
  8. Assure that the Company Standard of Basic Trainings have been met before the deployment of any security officers of 911 SECURITY SERVICES.


Service Manager

  1. Prepare Service and facility Plans in coordination with the respective Department heads, to generate Weekly, Monthly and Annual Services & facility Plans.
  2. Monitor the implementation of the approved Plans.
  3. Inspect facilities at staff accommodation for regulatory compliance.
  4. Evaluate the awareness of rules, policies for guards at accommodation.
  5. Handling guards’ complaints, personnel problems or grievances.
  6. Monitor the performance of Security Guards and Supervisors in coordination with the Operation Manager to ensure Quality.
  7. Prepare and maintain Security Guards and Supervisors records related to services and facility.
  8. Assure that the Company Standard have been met before the deployment of any Security Guards of 911 SECURITY SERVICES.


Safety and Security Inspectors / Supervisors

  1. To implement the directives from the client, General Manager or Operations Manager and to ensure that all written orders and guidelines are adhered to and enforced.
  2. To liaison with the client and Operations Manager, to discuss and resolve matters relating to safety and security procedures and to implement them within the property.
  3. To maintain standards as directed by both 911 SECURITY SERVICES and the client.
  4. To manage and supervise the Security Guards under his command.
  5. To conduct safety and security awareness training for the staff.
  6. Liaise with the authorities to resolve safety and security issues. This may include the Police department, Fire department, Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors etc.
  7. To advise the client on best safety and security practices, review or write new procedures, conduct safety inspections of the property.