Every one of 911 SECURITY SERVICES personnel has:

  • Submitted a full employment application supported by a Court and or Police clearance. Only those with an exemplary character and employment records and a wide range of experience are considered for employment.
  • Been interviewed by a 911 SECURITY SERVICES Managers. All managers have to be in total agreement before approving any candidate.
  • Professional Security Training. All selected Guards have to attend and pass the Police Academy training program.
  • Signed a strict contract of employment. This lays down a detailed Code of Practice, which must be adhered to at all times. Any deviation from this code can result in instant dismissal.
  • All 911 SECURITY SERVICES Security Guards are issued with a "Manual of Guidance" upon employment. This document outlines in great detail, Codes of Conduct and professional standards expected.
  • Uniformed security guards are always smartly presented in black trousers with blue shirts and clear "911 SECURITY SERVICES" badges.