About 911 SECURITY SERVICES Company History and Philosophy

We were initially Established and based in UK since 1997 (ISO9001) to address the issue of quality security and man guarding 6 years later we Established the second member of the group in the UAE under the name of 911 SECURITY SERVICES. The principle is for 911 SECURITY SERVICES to employ personnel of good character, who have the right attitude and aptitude for the requirements of the client. 911 SECURITY SERVICES LLC is one of very few companies worldwide that places great emphasis on quality security. Through our experience we have developed a package that makes contracting out your safety and security department cost effective and more efficient, allowing your managers to focus on their core business. Our key strengths are continuous education and training, either through our in house training division or alliances with other training professional firms both locally, such as Dubai Police Academy and internationally from variety of Training Schools.


Aims & Objectives

  • To improve the security and safety in all areas of concern for each of our clients.
  • Improve long term profitability by decreasing damage due to vandalism as well as reducing insurance problems.
  • It is our desire that all our security staff up to your satisfaction both in appearance and attitude.
  • Improve finances directly by eliminating, where present any in house pilfering activities, etc.
  • No guard will be operational for 911 SECURITY SERVICES without going through our in house training course and to be Approved and licensed by Dubai Police, which will ensure that they not only achieve the industry standard but exceed it.
  • With our commitment to honesty and transparency, we aim to maintain a high level of communication with all our clients and with this in mind all incidents will be recorded in the logbook and incident report sheets will be completed with copies circulated to all concerned. For the convenience of our clients we also operate a 24-hour on call service where a member of the management team will be available to discuss any urgent issues.