Working Rule Agreement(s)

911 SECURITY SERVICES employs personnel on the understanding that they are prepared to be flexible within the terms of their Contract of Employment and within the bounds of UAE Employment Law.

In view of the type of service provided, flexibility is essential and thus as 911 SECURITY SERVICES is a non-union company, Working Rule Agreements do not apply.



911 SECURITY SERVICES places a great emphasis on good man-management and employer/employee relations. For this purpose, all members of the management, and particularly the HRDepartment, will listen to any complaint from an employee.

The General Manager will deal with the complaint, depending on its degree of seriousness. This procedure proves to be successful.Considerable effort is made to constantly review and improve the working conditions of employees.


Disciplinary Procedures

Due to the nature of the service provided by 911 SECURITY SERVICES, there is a strict code of practice for its employees. If this is not adhered to, depending on the seriousness of the breach, the security guard would be the subject of a disciplinary investigation, as defined by the Employment Code.